Tumors, Cancer and Carcinoma; The differences between them and Natural Treatment

Since time immemorial, man has tried in various ways to improve his life, looking around for the causes of his pain and suffering, in order to find solutions for them.

Scientists and doctors have talked a lot about the cancer disease, throwing theories and doing various experiments and tests in search of means for the successful solution of this epidemic of human life.

But the problem still exists. Cancer continues to threaten and many people suffer from it.

However, one thing is certain: Cancer is a disease like any other, and it can be cured, because the Creator of this world has not brought any disease to earth, but has also created a medicine for it, so we do not need nothing but to seek and find this medicine.

What is Tumor?
In the general sense, the term “Tumor” expresses a swelling or swelling of a tissue or organ and is used to name not only tumor pathologies but also all other pathologies that appear with such a sign. These can be: Inflammations (tumor is one of the local signs of inflammations), Hypertrophy and Hyperplasia, especially the nodular ones, Tumor hyperplasia, Cell overloads, Tumor amyloidosis, Organ malformations, etc. In the most concrete sense, the term “tumor” names a mass or a plus of tissue, which is created by tumor growth. Tumor growth is a special, very fast, endless, uncoordinated and biologically unoriented growth, properties that distinguish it from all other physiological and pathological growths. [“Terms of Pathology”, Shyqyri Subashi]

Types of tumors

There are many types of tumors, and they can generally be grouped into two main groups: Benign and Malignant. Between these two tumors, there are many types of tumors, whose direction is always towards the malignant one, of which we can mention: Anaplastic, brown, cystic, cystico-solitic, embryonic, granulocellular, giant cell bone tumor, heterologous, heterotypic, histoid, homologous, blastema tumor, A-cell, B-cell, G-cell, Leydig cell, Sertoli cell, carotid body tumor, infiltrative tumor, inflammatory, with local malignancy, with potential malignancy, with high malignancy, with altered stroma, metastatic, migratory, myxoid, mixed, mixed salivary gland, mucoepidermoid, primary, secondary, solid, stromal, teratoid, villous, and gelatinous.

Benign Tumor: A tumor whose spontaneous evolution is local and does not metastasize, therefore it does not endanger the life of the patient and, as a rule, does not cause the death of the person who has it. However, even a benign tumor can endanger the individual through compressions and other local effects, the secondary changes it may undergo or the hormonal activity it may exhibit.

Malignant tumor: Synonym of cancer. (This is cancer or female tumor, in the language of the people).

What is Cancer?
In a broad sense (without being accompanied by any other specification) the term “Cancer” expresses the malignant proliferation of a certain cell line, the spontaneous evolution of which is the death of the person, usually associated with the local effects of the primary tumor and/or metastases as well as serious impacts on the general condition of the organism. In this sense, it is synonymous with the term Malignant Tumor. In the narrowest, most concrete and most accurate sense, the term “Cancer” expresses a malignant tumor of epithelial tissue only. (See Carcinoma).

Types of cancer

Cancer can appear in different forms, in different parts and organs of the body. From here, different types of cancer are named depending on the organs where it appears, such as: Breast cancer, lung cancer, bone cancer, skin cancer, blood cancer, stomach cancer, intestinal cancer, liver cancer, esophagus cancer, of the vagina, prostate, kidneys, pancreas, lymph glands, bladder, testicles, spine, brain, etc.

What is Carcinoma?
Carcinoma is a Malignant Tumor, which takes development from various epithelial tissues and creates structures similar to them. It is almost synonymous with the term Cancer. Likewise, the types of carcinoma are numerous, just like cancer and tumor, based on the relationship these terms have with each other.

Causes of this disease

The causes of this disease in modern scientific medicine are still unknown, but nevertheless, they attribute the cause to some chemical substances, some dangerous radiation or genetics, which cannot be proven, and so they talk more about explaining it that actually happens after the onset of the disease, and not for its main causes.

Among Muslim healers, there is another possibility of being the cause of cancer or other diseases whose causes are not known, and it has to do with jinn, or the spirits of

evil, which can enter the human body or harm it even without entering his body, as a result of a spell, evil eye or violation of it. And this is something that cannot be denied by modern medicine, because they cannot prove the opposite of this, nor disprove it with evidence and facts.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him!) said: “Plague is a piercing of your enemies from the jinn, and death from it is martyrdom for you.” [Correct hadith. “Sahih et Targib wat Tarhib”, 1404].

The plague is a very serious contagious disease, caused by a special virus, it spreads very quickly, it appears with fever and great weakness, with severe pains in the head, neck, etc. and brings death. Likewise, cancer and other similar diseases can be compared to the plague in their cause and effects.

How does cancer arise, how does it appear and how does it develop?
Cancer arises from a single normal cell, which turns itself (for unknown reasons) into a cancerous cell, passing through various stages, and thus forming malignant tumor masses. These changes occur as a result of the influence of the genetic factors of the individual with one or more of the three external factors, which are:

Carcinogenic material factors, such as: ultraviolet rays and harmful rays.
Chemical carcinogens, such as: tobacco ingredients, Aflatoxin (a food contaminant) and Arsenic (a drinking water contaminant).
Carcinogenic biological factors, such as: some types of diseases caused by some viruses (such as the Hepatitis virus, AIDS, etc.), microbes or parasites.
There are hundreds of types of cells and hundreds of types of cancer. Every cell’s life is programmed to operate through coded instructions, called genes, which are carried in its nucleus. These tell them how to act, when to divide, when to reproduce and when to die. When the instructions for cell multiplication or death are wrong, the cell can begin to divide uncontrollably and not die at the right time. In this way the cancer does not follow the correct instructions that make the cells divide correctly. Every time the cells divide, the “bad” instruction is reproduced and thus the uncontrolled multiplication of cells continues. These cells multiply very quickly, gather in the same place and form what we call a tumor.

Facts and statistics

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. This disease caused 7.4 million deaths (about 13% of all deaths) in 2004, and 7.9 million deaths in 2007. Deaths caused by cancer are ever increasing, so that in 2030 it is predicted that the number of deaths from cancer rise to 12 million deaths.
Cancers affecting the lungs, stomach, liver, colitis and breast are the most common cancers that cause death each year.
The most common types of cancer worldwide are:
In men: Cancer of the lung, stomach, liver, colitis, esophagus and prostate.

In women: Cancer of the breast, lungs, stomach, colitis and rectum, cervix.

Among the main factors that cause cancer are: Smoking, overweight and obesity, eating little vegetables and fruits, alcohol, types of sexually transmitted diseases (such as AIDS and HPV), air pollution in civilized countries, secondhand smoke caused by the burning of solids inside the dwellings.
Cancer treatment in conventional medicine
Unfortunately, we notice that the majority of cancer patients, as soon as they learn that they are affected by cancer, without thinking at all, turn to the treatments that exist today in the form of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or surgical operations, but that all these types treatments have dangerous consequences in destroying what remains of the organism’s health and strength.

Chemotherapy given to cancer patients works by poisoning cancer cells, which are notable for their rapid growth, but at the same time, chemotherapy kills and destroys healthy cells that are essential for the body and its immunity to disease, such as and can cause catastrophic damage to the body’s most important organs, such as the liver and kidneys, and even the heart and lungs.

Radiotherapy treatment kills cancer cells, but it burns and destroys healthy cells, tissues and organs.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy, at the beginning of their practice, reduce the size of the tumor, but with the continuation of their use longer, they no longer have any effect against the tumor.

When the organism is weakened by radiotherapy and has carried many poisons from chemotherapy, its immune system will have failed and will have been completely destroyed, so we see that the patient is affected by many stomach diseases and various disorders.

The most false

The catch from all of the above is that: chemotherapy and radiotherapy make cancer cells jump and become more resistant and harder to remove! However, surgical operations can cause cancer cells to spread to other parts of the body.

Therefore, it may be better for the patient not to cure than such a cure, when it is known that the medicine or treatment given to him is doubtful in its success or is almost hopeless, even more harmful than useful. , and which accelerates the death and suffering of the patient and his relatives, whether spiritually or materially.

So, the best and only solution is to turn to natural herbal treatments for this dangerous disease, as well as for all other diseases, which modern scientific medicine has failed to cure despite all the modernization. and its technology.

Cancer treatment in Arab medical culture

Cancer has been known since the ancient Greek medicine, who took it from the Egyptian and the countries of Iraq today.

The old Muslim doctors also recognized cancer, diagnosed it, divided it into different types, and treated it with different natural cures. Among these doctors we mention Er Razi, Ez Zahravi, Ibn Sina (Avicenna), etc.

Diet and lifestyle play a vital role in cancer prevention and treatment.

Cures with studied desert plants for the treatment of all types of cancer

The time has come for you to take the destiny of your healing and health into your own hands, and this through natural treatment with highly effective herbal medicines, safe for everyone and without any harm or side effects.

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