Most popular questions

1. Credit / Debit Cards
3. Bank Payments

You can buy our products directly online, by debit or credit card or Paypal, just like all online purchases.
You can also order via email or live chat with us, then make the payment by bank transfer via the relevant invoice we will give you, and then you can pay at your bank or online banking application directly by yoursmartphone.

Orders are shipped by DHL Express Carrier within 24 hours of payment in one of the above ways, and you will receive an email confirmation with an online package tracking code.

The order arrives at your home, anywhere in the world, within 3-4 working days; excluding national or international holidays, as well as weekends.

As soon as your order is posted, you will be notified by email, where the tracking code and online tracking link will be sent directly from the DHL Express website.

Contact us before your order is shipped.

Our products are completely herbal, made with wild desert plants, harmonized with WAH special formula to be completely safe and without any side effects, but only with positive effects on the whole body.

Yes, our products are completely natural and completely safe for everyone, and can be taken along with any other type of chemical or natural treatment without causing any kind of reaction or interference in their effects, but only increase the positive effects and reduce the side effects. chemical drugs.

Treatment with our products continues for as long as each patient needs, depending on the current condition, type or stage of the disease, as well as other factors that vary from one patient to another. Treatment with our cures can last from 1 to 12 months, or more in certain cases.

Your health is paramount to us.

Desert Herbs shows special care for all buyers and patients, before and after purchase, and throughout the treatment and use of our treatments. We give patients the necessary advice on the use of treatments and on nutrition and healthy lifestyle, according to the needs of each.

If you buy more, you will spend less. Wild Arabic Herbs offers special wholesale prices to those who have to pursue long-term treatments.

You can discuss with us everything about the duration and cost of the treatment you need.